Students may dress and groom themselves in any manner that is not disruptive to the educational environment or dangerous to themselves or others. The exception to this right is in "Uniformly Dressed" schools. These schools have Board of Education approval to determine the type of dress, including the color, that students may wear at school. Students and parents will be notified of this dress policy upon enrollment into the school. Each school may provide a more specific list of prohibited items.

Grassy Creek Elementary's Dress Code

Dress Code FAQ's

Q. May my child wear "Heelys" or other roller skate shoes to school?
A. No, these types of shoes are not permitted in school buildings.

Q. Are there restrictions on how my child may wear his or her hair?
A. A student will be asked to change a hairstyle that a building administrator determines is disruptive to the learning environment.

Q. May my child wear their coat or jacket to class?
A. Coats and jackets are to be stored in student lockers or coat closets during the school day.

Q. When may my child wear school or township spirit wear?
A. Spirit wear is allowed on any day!

Q. Do these dress and grooming rules apply to after-school functions such as clubs or sporting events?
A. Yes, these dress guidelines are applicable to all school events.